2021 Growth Programs

We offer a range of growth (whether business, career or community leadership) programs to help you achieve the results you’re after. We go on a journey of discovery of self with you, we help you unveil the true potentials that lie within and we launch you into a world of possibilities and endless meaningful impacts.

The below programs cuts across various stages of life and caters for every woman and young girl desiring to grow and to start something amazing whether in business, politics or career. Click on image below to learn more about each programs.

Want to partner with us in creating an awesome program for 2021 that would be of benefit to our women, Click the “Get in Touch” button below to connect with us on your idea.

Sedulous on Board

Do you desire to be a Board of Director of a reputable organization? CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO LEARN MORE.

Sedulous in Politics

Want to be involved in the decision making process whether on a Municipal, Provincial or Federal level? CLICK IMAGE ABOVE TO LEARN MORE.

Sedulous Girls

We’ve got the HERtrepreneur and the Young Sedulous CEOs. COMING SOON, WATCH THIS SPACE!!!

Let’s build something together.

GROWTH WEBINARS – Register for webinars below

January 9th 2021

Evelyne Nyairo is a master planner when it comes to brand positioning and product pricing. Her brand Ellie Bianca is in over 5,000 stores Canada-wide. You don’t want to miss this masterclass session. Register early to reserve your virtual seat.

January 9th 2021 from 10am to 11:30am MST REGISTRATION IS $20

December 12th 2020 (EVENT CLOSED)

Women with Vision have a Growth Mindset. It’s about achieving significant progress in your life, career, relationship, business or launching something new. A well established Vision is one of the strategy for growth. It’s no longer nice to have vision, it is a necessity for significant impact.

December 12th 2020 from 2pm-4pm MST REGISTRATION IS FREE !!!