First Ever National Buyer-Vendor Connect of Black, Women of Color, Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in Canada

Using Winning Capability Statement and Research Analytical insights in empowering business growth for Women-Owned brands in doing business with large supply chains

Program Eligibility

In order to apply for the iLaunchHERproduct program, applicants must meet the general eligibility criteria.

The applicant must be:

  • A legal resident of Canada;
  • A self-identified woman of color, black woman, or immigrant woman (whichever way you self identify);
  • 18 years or older at the time of application;
  • Must be a for profit business;
  • A founder and majority shareholder of a business registered and operating in Canada;
  • Applicant must hold the most senior executive title and/or be the chief decision maker;
  • Applicant must be the founder of the business and/or have had a significant impact on the company if acquired;
  • The applicant must be available to participate in all Phase 1 events – information session, introduction to WEConnect International, WEConnect International registration demonstration, attend office hours group registration support, be available for Phase 2 if selected as one of iLaunchHERproduct Top 50.

Product Categories

We expect to bring buyers from the following list of product categories

  • Beauty and Skincare
  • Baby products
  • Books (lifestyle, educational) and Stationery (Office supply)
  • Home Décor and Storage
  • Clothing, Fashion and Accessories
  • Food and Beverages
  • Kids Toys and Games
  • Kitchenware
  • Sport and Recreation
  • Pets and Grooming products
  • Cleaning and Laundry products

And Buyers from Services too

  • Services (All types as shown below)

💫 Professional Services (Audit Services, Business consulting services, legal services, Tax services, Business analysis, Financial management, Business coaching/Education/Training);
💫Event services;
💫Facility Management (Cleaning and janitorial services, Waste management);
💫Business Intelligence (market research, surveys, focus groups, commercial data);
💫Construction Project Management (Architecture services, Engineering services, General Contractor);
💫Corporate Services (Cafeteria and Catering services, Mail and Courier Services, Printing Services, Shredding, Storage, Translation services, Travel services);
💫Marketing and Communication (Advertising, Communication, Content Production, Creative and Web Services).

Program Timeline

iLaunchHERproduct will be conducted in two Phases. The overall timeline is 18months, enabling entrepreneurs to acquire the necessary skills, training, and preparation needed to present their products before buyers.

Phase One: June to December 2021

June 25

  • Phase 1 application open

July 16

  • Information Session

August 13

  • Phase 1 application close

August (Date will be communicated shortly)

  • Introduction to WEConnect International
  • WEConnect International registration demonstration

August (Date will be communicated shortly)

Office Hours Support – WEConnect International registration

  • Group 1: Office Hours Support
  • Group 2: Office Hours Support
  • Group 3: Office Hours Support
  • Group 4: Office Hours Support


  • Successful candidates for certification (women-owned logo) notified


  • Applicants who opted for business credit card will be connected with iLaunchHERproduct partner bank


  • Selection of iLaunchHERproduct Top 50: Successful Phase 1 applicants notified and invited to participate in Phase 2

Phase Two:

Phase Two start January 2022. Full details will be uploaded soon

iLaunchHERproduct participants who are at the stage of retail-readiness will get the opportunity to connect with Buyers from different industries, develop key retail capacity skills, build networks, support, and tools that would help them transition growth into retail stores – all at no cost

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iLaunchHERproduct Information Session

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