Who is an Elevator?

These are willing women or a group of women who contribute $750 Cdn each annually into the pool of grants, they can also opt to be volunteer mentors, coach or trainer to the Start-up ventures (elevating the ventures with their expertise, business skills, knowledge and network). Our Elevators are women that are making it happen within their career or business enterprise. Our Elevators are fearless leaders, changemakers, women who inspires and are never afraid to uplift others, women who stand in their power and motivate by example

Our Testament

  • Willing and intentional commitment to elevate the next woman beside you as you climb the ladder of success
  • Rising to the T.O.P, yet holding the hands of the woman behind you so you both can climb up together
  • We are creating a new mindset, a new model of the girlboss called “Sedulous Woman” … a movement to trigger a better elevated and equipped HERconomy
  • We are enough to become who we are destined to be. We have been equipped with the right amount of skills and potentials to reach the T.O.P
  • Nothing will hold us down because we are Relentless, Phenomenal and Unshakeable

  • We give because it leads to increase
  • We collaborate because we will achieve more and faster that way
  • We elevate because we realize we are all different and at different stages in life
  • We desire to rise to the very T.O.P because that is the place where we all belong

  • This is our space, to thrive in our own uniqueness
  • We give accolade to each other to uplift and keep each other going
  • We own and appreciate our different lanes but work together
  • We lead so our younger generation can follow
  • We have enough within us to rise to the very T.O.P together

A Call to Elevate – 2021 Elevator intake now Open

If you love our testament above and feel lead and willing to support women entrepreneurs to elevate to the next level and would like to join a national community of Sedulous Women femImmiGRANTS Elevators, we invite for you to become one by signing up below. Deadline to sign up is August 30th 2021. After signing up, come back and make your payment under the heading “elevator contribution” below.

Benefits of Becoming an Elevator

  • You will be part of our book documentary titled “How We Made It” – a coffee table book featuring all femImmiGRANTS Elevators that have contributed to the purse since it was launched last year 2020. Launch of the book documentary will be announced later
  • Opportunity to opt in as a volunteer Mentor, business Advisor, Network connector and Subject matter expert
  • Connect with other amazing women elevators at the annual conference – A virtual Private Lounge before the annual conference 2021
  • Featured on our IG Live where you’ll speak about your journey, experiences in Canada, your aspirations and challenges amongst others
  • Have your event/program/initiative/product launch featured in our annual conference digital conference brochure 2021
  • A special Thank you gift from our Founder’s new stationery collection

Elevator Contribution

  • One time payment of $750
  • Yearly renewal available

NOTE: A 10 percent processing and admin fee applies to the contribution. The 10 percent is taken out of the contribution.

My Friend and I: Elevator Contribution

  • One time payment of $375 by both you and your friend
  • Yearly renewal available

NOTE: A 10 percent processing and admin fee applies to the contribution. The 10 percent is taken out of the contribution.

Help Us to Raise More Elevators

Refer a friend to this page or tell them to connect with us via email at connect@sedulouswomenleaders.net with the subject “A friend recommended me to become a femImmiGRANTS Elevator”