Welcome to the Sedulous Forum – the place where we get to interact & share our views with other VIP members live! I’m so excited you are here! Please respect other VIP’s opinion and do not go off topic. Remember you ladies are VIPs and we are Sedulous 🙂

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    • commUNITY Rules!!
      We actually do not have any written down rules
      ... Because Sedulous Women don’t need rules .... We’re too professional for rules, we know what is expected without being told, we are respectful of others, we lead and show integrity, our words is our bond, we celebrate others like we’re celebrating our own self, we share meaningful information that benefits every member, we stay away from controversies, we embrace unity and we communicate in Unity, love is the only currency we spend here, we talk everything business here, we ask for business help and we give business tips, there is strength in number so we talk to and bring friends to be part of the commUNITY ....
      Overrall, we are a commUNITY of Powerhouses, we need no rules!!!
      However, consider the below as the expectation from every VIP member:
      - Monday is Marketplace for your brand only, not for non-registered members (but can you pass along an urgent information that will benefit our Queens on any other day, absolutely .... we’re cool like that);
      - Last Saturday of every month is our 2hours virtual Business Mixer (Facilitated by our Province Directors) where we learn from different speakers on different topics, network, mingle, have fun, laugh, unwind etc. The business mixer is for registered members only and a direct link to the event room will be sent out 2days before the mixer;
      - Every VIP member is expected to support other members in the launch of a new product or business services;
      - We encourage members to patronize other members for products or services. Why go outside when what you need is in-house;
      - Be proud to be a Sedulous Woman (use your transparent VIP badge freely, let people know who you are
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