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    Morning Queens,

    We’ve got new members in the house, please give them a warm welcome:

    (1) Ingrid Agbato

    (2) Sunmisola Okoma


    And we also have a new Corporate member:

    (1) Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada


    You’re welcome to our amazing commUNITY!!!


    Another new member Queen

    The powerhouse Evelyne Nyairo is on the inside 🙂

    Please give her a warm welcome

    Taiwo Ayinde

    Welcome Queens👑. You will love it here. 🤗


    Hey Taiwo, love your Dp 🙂


    More VIP Queens in the house ladies 🙂

    Please welcome:

    – Veneise George

    – Joyce Adom

    – Sunandita Das

    – Tehmina Chaudhry

    Tolu Amadi

    Welcome everyone.


    Hey Tolu,

    Glad you logged in. Hopefully everyone can do same soon.

    Change isn’t easy but once we start, we can’t be stopped.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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