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WHO IS A START-UP VENTURE: femImmiGRANTS applicants (Start-up Ventures) are majority women-owned (whether black-owned, immigrant women, and women of color, whichever way they self-identify) women-led start-up enterprise established within the last 5 years. They represent a new level of resilient women entrepreneurs and exhibits a unique business model, unique business solution and a unique business mindset to create an enabling and strengthened economy.

THE GRANT: The grant is made up of Elevator’s contributions and are pooled together and then given out in the form of 0% interest, Non-payable grants to women-led Start-up ventures in order to help such scale their business a little higher to the next level of growth.

THE ELEVATORS: These are willing women or a group of women who contribute $750 Cdn each annually into the pool of grants, they can also opt to be volunteer mentors, coach or trainer to the Start-up ventures (elevating the ventures with their expertise, business skills, knowledge and network). Our Elevators are women that are making it happen within their career or business enterprise across Canada.

Application Criteria

Our criteria is simple. At the time of application:

  • Your business operates and is registered in Canada?;
  • Your registered Start-up business is 5 years or less;
  • You self-identify as either a black woman entrepreneur, woman of color entrepreneur, or an immigrant woman entrepreneur;
  • Your business is majority women-owned (51% and over);
  • Your business is majority women-led (CEO/Founder/President is held by a woman and makes all business decisions)

Applications for the 2021 Start-Up Venture cohort are now open!

Deadline to apply is August 31st 2021.

A femImmiGRANTS info call is scheduled for Friday, August 27th 2021 at 2pm MST to answer all the questions you might have regarding the grant, application process and pitch day. Make sure you sign up when filling out the application form.

Our Application process at a glance

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