First Ever National Buyer-Vendor Connect of Black, Women of Color, Immigrant Women Entrepreneurs in Canada

Using Winning Capability Statement and Research Analytical insights in empowering business growth for Women-Owned brands in doing business with large supply chains

What is iLaunchHERproduct?

Why de Sedulous Women Leaders developed the

iLaunchHERproduct project

iLaunchHERproduct is a new growth opportunity for Black Women, Women of color, and Immigrant Women entrepreneurs that are at the stage of retail-readiness to connect with Buyers from different industries, and they get to also obtain the necessary training, support, and tools that would help them transition growth into retail stores – all at no cost (FREE)

iLaunchHERproduct is a National program to democratize product visibility, product accessibility and product shelf-presence by empowering immigrant women entrepreneurs across Canada to create great products worthy of big box retail stores shelves and supporting them to scale up business to the benefit of the Canadian economy where they can be employers of labour and add profitably to the national GDP. The Covid-19 pandemic has given us reason to choose to challenge Conventionalized Entrepreneurship and to encourage an approach we refer to as #NoWomanShouldBeLeftBehind where every woman is seen, heard and elevated to flourish in Business.

iLaunchHERproduct Goals

  • The project primary aim is to build a more inclusive and diversified connection between buyers and women-owned businesses by connecting immigrant women with retail opportunities.
  • The secondary goal it to help channel money into the hands of women-owned business owners by enabling them close deals and to compete in the Canadian marketplace as well as Global marketplaces

Study that examines the contribution of immigrant-led businesses to Canada’s export performance finds that businesses led by immigrants, despite being smaller on average, are much more likely to export and derive a greater share of revenue from exporting.

Global Affairs Canada

iLaunchHERproduct Benefits

This program has been designed to help Black women, Women of color, and Immigrant women entrepreneurs understand what it takes:

  • To get buyers interested in having their products on their shelves;
  • To develop key retail capacity skills;
  • To build networks and receive the support they need to be certified as a women-owned businesses;
  • To succeed within the Canadian retail industry and abroad.

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iLaunchHERproduct Information Session – July 16th, 2021

Nominate a Black woman, Woman of color, Immigrant woman entrepreneur whose products deserves to be in big chain stores

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