Member Benefits

There are two levels of membership available, each having it’s own unique benefits. Read below what each membership level has to offer:

Sedulous VIP

This group of members are committed and determined to rise to the TOP of their career and businesses. The VIP Annual Membership is perfect for female immigrant entrepreneurs/business owners looking for connection, business support, learning, business promotion, product/service exposure, collaboration opportunities, funding opportunities, editorial opportunities and much more within the community and the country in general.   This is an annual membership commitment, offered exclusively through an annual purchase. VIP Special Benefits:

  • Quarterly Exclusive Mentorship Series;
  • Exclusive VIP discounted pricing for Business Mastery Modules, Conferences, Exhibitor/Vendor Booths;
  • VIP Member Business Profile Feature;
  • Private Monthly Mastermind Sessions;
  • Online Directory Listing;
  • VIP Member Only Online Forum;
  • Unlimited Access to Business Courses and Resources;
  • Custom designed VIP Badge to wear at Annual Conference;
  • Access to any City Chapter dSWL operates;
  • No monthly membership dues, just an annual fee;
  • Full Access to attend de Sedulous Learn & Mingle (SLM) quarterly event in respective cities (event is totally FREE)
  • VIP emblem added to your dSWL membership e-profile;
  • Exclusive access to the VIP Meet & Greet with an Elite Influencer Speaker at the Annual Conference;
  • Access to the private VIP Networking Reception with an Elite leader Keynote Speaker at the Annual Conference;
  • Unrestricted access to all Freebies in resources database;
  • Your business and career success story and every milestones posted on our IG (Instagram) Story;
  • Special feature of your business on our Instagram page and other Social media platform, that is our “Brain and Beauty behind the Brand” feature;
  • Opportunity to be selected as Mentor, Quarterly speaker and webinar speaker

Student – Sedulous Girls Membership

This group of members get to enjoy certain contents for FREE. This level of membership is always highly recommended for female students at the college and university, most especially those female students who have mentors in Sedulous VIP level. We encourage and advise younger immigrant women to start their entrepreneurship journey early from school days, it’s always beneficial. Sedulous Girls member benefits:

  • Access to any City Chapter dSWL operates;
  • Access to certain Freebies in the resource database;
  • Opportunity to grow your idea under the Young Sedulous CEOs initiative;
  • Be a part of the Sedulous Girls on Campus and get to connect with like-minded business oriented girls;
  • Sedulous Girls membership emblem added to your dSWL membership e-profile;
  • Full Access to attend de Sedulous Learn & Mingle (SLM) quarterly event in respective cities (event is totally FREE);
  • Access to register for Business Mastery Modules based on discounted membership rate

Registered? What Next?

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