REAP + iLaunchHERproduct

Canada’s First Ever National Retail Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, with a Retail Incubator Lab and a program structure that major in Buyer-Vendor Connect of Black, Women of Color, Immigrant, Newcomer Women Entrepreneurs in Canada

Using Winning Capability Statement and Research Analytical insights in empowering business growth for Women-Owned brands in doing business with both independent retailers and large supply chains in Canada.

What is REAP + iLaunchHERproduct?

Why de Sedulous Women Leaders developed the

REAP + iLaunchHERproduct program

The Retail Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program (REAP) goal is to equip Newcomer Canadian women-owned businesses (with 51% or more stake in their business) with the retail skills, tools, resources, network, and the retail connection that can help them integrate their brand into the retail space thereby having their products on the shelves of several big box retail stores across Canada. The REAP program also incorporate a physical incubator called “Retail Incubator Lab (r iLab) that will be piloted in rural Alberta, the goal of the r iLab is to give newcomer women entrepreneurs a hands-on, practical, real-time mentorship coaching to help them develop their product offering while at the same time giving them a one of a life time opportunity of a mini retail space to proof their product concept. The intention of the REAP and r iLab program is to train the women on how to make their product shelf-worthy and shelf-attractive to retail buyers; this program addresses the needs of newcomer women entrepreneurs in a different, unique, unusual way that is not common to see out there. The end result of the REAP program is to drive more money into the hands of women-owned businesses using retail stores as a growth tool so they can grow, scale, and even expand into international market. Our target audience are Newcomer Canadians women entrepreneurs who self-identify themselves as follows:

  • Newcomer women entrepreneurs to Canada 0-5 years;
  • Newcomer women entrepreneurs to Canada over 5 years;
  • Black women entrepreneurs;
  • Immigrant women entrepreneurs;
  • Women of Color entrepreneurs;
  • BIPOC women entrepreneurs.

Our target audience have often times experienced persistent systemic barriers, hence the first-of-its-kind, REAP and the r iLab program’s goal is to mitigate barriers to and strengthen entrepreneurship as an economic pathway for newcomers in Canada using our unusual solutions which we believe also aligns and fits into the Incubation Network’s purpose of supporting unusual solutions to persisting problems.

iLaunchHERproduct on the other hand, connects these women with buyers from independent retail stores as well as big box stores across Canada. The women after completing the REAP in phase 1, move to phase 2 iLaunchHERproduct to present their product and brand before several buyers at the “Meet the Buyer” event. The Covid-19 pandemic has given us reason to choose to challenge Conventionalized Entrepreneurship and to encourage an approach we refer to as #NoWomanShouldBeLeftBehind where every woman is seen, heard and elevated to flourish in Business.


Deadline to register for 2nd cohort is February 30th, 2023

REAP + iLaunchHERproduct Goals

  • The project primary aim is to build a more inclusive and diversified retail opportunity for women entrepreneurs in Canada, which includes the connection with retail buyers and a unique opportunity to own their own retail stores at a very minimal cost so as to boost brand exposure and increase revenue.
  • The secondary goal it to help channel money into the hands of women-owned business owners by enabling them close deals and to compete in the Canadian marketplace as well as expand into global markets.

Study that examines the contribution of immigrant-led businesses to Canada’s export performance finds that businesses led by immigrants, despite being smaller on average, are much more likely to export and derive a greater share of revenue from exporting.

Global Affairs Canada

REAP + iLaunchHERproduct Benefits

This program has been designed to help Black women, Women of color, Immigrant women, newcomer women entrepreneurs understand what it takes:

  • To create/design/manufacture an approved product acceptable in Canada;
  • To get buyers interested in having their products on their shelves;
  • To develop key retail capacity skills;
  • To develop a strong business capability statement for their brand;
  • To own a retail store space at a fair cost without the hustle of selling out of the basement or garage;
  • To build networks and receive the support they need to be certified as a women-owned businesses;
  • To succeed within the Canadian retail industry and abroad.


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