Very encouraging to meet other women who have struggled and yet made it. Great advice from the speakers – very genuine and real. AWESOME EVENT !!!


Just awesome! Very empowering, gives you a sense of purpose


Amazing, Awesome!!! A great way to meet wonderful women


I think this is a very good initiative. Great job for putting this together


Lovely program. More of this please. The connection is magical! thanks so much for bringing this to reality.


This was an amazing event! Really good to meet other women in Grande Prairie and be inspired by their successes


Come one, Come all; great social event. Happy, beautiful and friendly ladies. I really think this event is what we women in Grande Prairie wants. this is a great 1st meeting. Met a few amazing ladies. I will be here again 


This is a wonderful event. Good for women to share their success and failures


I am very proud and supportive of the W.E Hustle In Heels initiative project called “Amos Smith”; the project has exceeded all expectations and has inspired a lot of immigrant women to believe in their craft and become who they wish to be. The project has given a new meaning and a new career path to so many women within the City.


The monthly events are exceptionally motivating and inspiring, the speakers have an indepth wealth of experience that keeps you glued to the seat, wanting more. I always leave the events wanting to become more of myself